How to use Social Media to your Blogs advantage.

 As bloggers, we all know just how difficult it can be to get noticed in the sea of blogs out there. But this is no reason to become disheartened.

There are many ways in which you can promote your blog but Social Media has got to be one of the easiest and best ways to do so.

 I’d like to walk you through the advantage of each of the major social networks and how you can use them to draw traffic to your blog.


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 Twitter, for me, is the best place to advertise my blog. I get a lot of traffic from there, from a very diverse audience.

  • Hashtags are such a useful tool, using the right ones can be a huge traffic driver. One thing to bear in mind is not to use too many! This can make your tweet unattractive and lose the feel of the content. For example, if you are trying to promote a post where you have reviewed a movie, let’s use Harry Potter for this example, you want to aim to use around 5 relevant hashtags per post. The obvious first one would be #HarryPotter this will drive anyone looking for Harry Potter content to your tweet. Using things such as #blogging here probably won’t draw the relevant crowd, but using #bookreview would. It’s all about finding the right audience, if you use the incorrect hashtags, you’re going to draw people to your tweet who won’t necessarily click on the link to your post within.
  • Blogging RT accounts are all over Twitter, these are accounts which you can tag in your posts who will RT for you. Some of these accounts have a massive following and can be a really beneficial type of account to have on your follow list. I tend to tag between 5 and 7 accounts per tweet, and usually at least 4 out of the 5 will RT.
  • On each of your tweets, you can view the stats, on other social media, you are required to upgrade to a business account for this privilege, but this comes as standard on Twitter. This is great to see how many people your tweet has reached, how many link clicks, likes etc which can be used to create more effective tweets in the future.
  • Twitter chats are a great way to interact with other bloggers and get yourself noticed within the blogging community. It is also a great way to find new blogs to read, which is something I highly recommend doing. The more blogs you read, the more other bloggers will come back to you, you will draw inspiration and support from these people, and that can’t be a bad thing.
  • Follow trains are commonplace on Twitter. This where a blogging account will ask people to post their links and everyone will follow or check out your blog. Again this is a great way to meet others bloggers whilst at the same time giving your own blog exposure. The main thing on Twitter is about bloggers supporting bloggers, and this is one of the ways I have grown my audience.


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 Human beings are naturally visual creatures, so Instagram is a great place to promotoe your blog through photography.

  • For every blog post I write, I will chose a photo from that post that gives an overall feel of the post content and post it on Instagram with a link to the post. Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links within post descriptions but once you build a trusting following, people won’t have an issue with copying and pasting the link into their browser.
  • Try to make your photos as inviting as possible. If, for example you have written a post about your favourite make up items, you would want to photograph those items on an attractive background. It is well worth investing in some props for your photos. I have recently brought some fabric sample on which to place items and some scrapbook embellishments to add into the pictures, simply to make them more attractive. Filters are also your friend, don’t be afraid to use them.
  • Your Instagram bio is essential! Make it attractive and easy to read with a link to your website, and you will find you draw a decent amount of traffic just from this.
  • Instagram is another place where hashtags are really important. The good thing here is that when you begin typing a hashtag, a drop down menu will appear with figures on how many times that particular tag has been used. If you use the most popular one, you’ll get more views. For example, if you begin typing #makeup, you may find that #makeup has 1 million tags but #makeupproducts might have 3 million, choose as many as you like from the drop down to get maximum views, therefore maximum exposure for your blog.
  • It is notoriously difficult to get and retain followers on Instagram, it’s something i see people crying out for on Twitter, to get more people to hang around on their Insta profiles. The best way to retain your followers is to not only post interesting content but also to interact. When you see a photo that you like, let the person know by clicking the little heart icon. Leave comments and get involved in discussion. No one wants to follow an inactive account, so make sure yours isn’t.



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As probably the most popular social network out there, Facebook can be a blessing in disguise for the aspiring blogger.

  • You don’t want to innundate your friends with blog posts, especially if they’re not interested in it. The best thing to do is create a page for your blog and invite people to like it. This way you have an audience who are ready and willing to engage with your content. Remember that if you create a group, when you add people, it automatically adds them without their approval but a page gives the person the option to join.
  • As i mentioned in the last bullet point, your friends may not be interested in your blog, but sometimes you may feel that a post you have created would be of interest, so share it on your personal feed. I find that doing this with 25% of my content has attracted more people to my page without spamming their timelines with blog content.
  • There are many Facebook groups aimed at the blogging community where you can share your posts and meet other bloggers for support or collaborations. I have found that a lot of these come with a ridiculous amount of rules, such as you can only share blog posts on a tuesday,if it’s snowing, and you’ve eaten a hamburger that day. It is definitely worth sifting through the groups to find the ones that are a little more relaxed with what you can and can’t share.


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I wouldn’t say that Pinterest was a place I had ever really thought would be a good traffic driver but as it happens I get around 25% of my traffic from here.

  • Upgrading to a business account is totally free of charge and allows you to monitor interactions with your boards. I would definitely advise doing this, as i mentioned in the Twitter section, you can analyse which posts work best, therefore allowing you to create more posts like that.
  • When creating a board, make sure that the content is all relevant to the title. For example, you can create a board specifically for your blog posts and then create other boards where you can further share. I have boards entitled make up, meaningful things, cute stuff, blogging etc and every time i add a pin to my main blog board, I will also section it off to one of the other boards to which it is relevant.
  • Pin other peoples things!! I can’t stress this enough. If your whole account is dedicated just to you, it may not get as much interest as an account which is more diverse. Pinterest experts recommend pinning up to 50 items a day. It doesn’t take long to scroll through your home feed and pin new and exciting items to your boards.
  • The same goes for other bloggers that you follow. If you like their post, pin it. This will be returned to you in that they will begin to pin your posts, thus exposing you to a new audience.


Nothing is easy, or so they say. Maintaining a good social media presence is essential if you want to build a good blog following. It takes some hard work and dedication and is something you should factor into your routine, but the fruits of your labour will be seen.

In the first six weeks of my blog, I accrued over 3000 views mostly from social media, so I can guarantee that it is more than doable.

I wish you all the best in your social media promotions and I am sure you will see some good results.


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